keep the boarder

keep the boarder

keep the boarder

We made “rule of the earth and the human border violation” the subject. Therefore constituted the design-plan from three next viewpoints. The “earth side” / “human being side” / “maintenance of the border”
We can explain world depending on the “plural property”.
A plant is supported by “water cycle”, and they are formed regardless of our “explanation”. And the water circulates through the atmosphere and soil.
We must not invade these circulation.
If we oneself can permanently maintain “consciousness of the symbiosis”, we can stabilize an environmental system of the earth whole.
A revolution of consciousness of a person will make barely environmental balance be stabilized.
Through this design, the plant / brain / mind is signed as one thing. And these designs will lead balance of us and the earth to the stability by “the communality of the image”.
The thing we can do is only to understand and obey global rules. But that’s the very important.
A right that crosses the border and freely remakes the rule is not to

CS,Album,Limited Edition ‘Music Of Group Ongaku’

PIC:toru,arima ito,atsuko


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